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  • Why Active Learners League?

    Our unique instruction methods and the proprietary software help students master their learning goals in a systematic manner while having a fun learning experience.

    Our students will learn to take ownership of the learning process. They will be made to understand why they go to School, how the learning will help them and where they could apply their learning.

    We teach all our students a very powerful learning tool - creation of mind maps. When they understand and apply this tool, they have a great learning skill in their repertoire for their life.

    Our Instruction

    Our instruction materials are completely aligned with Common Core Georgia Standards. Our focus is to help the students meet and exceed the learning goals applicable to the subject/grade level according to Georgia Standards.

    Our Handbooks

    Each student will be given a comprehensive handbook on the subject enrolled. It will include a lot of learning materials in the form of stories, songs and exercises to reinforce the learning of all the standards defined in the Georgia curriculum. With this handbook, parents will be able to see the bird's eye view of the standards applicable to the grade level and another view with some details without having to wade through all the standards and rubrics to understand what their child is learning.

    Our Teachers

    Our teachers are experienced/certified in teaching elementary school aged children. In addition, they are also trained in our teaching methodology, TRAMEWA Framework and our proprietary software. Above all, they are passionate about teaching and making a difference in your child's learning.

    Benefits of Active Learners League Method

    • Superior retention of learning
    • Self-paced learning
    • Increased independence
    • Better ability to plan
    • Better organization of thoughts
    • Improved writing skills
    • Improved confidence level
    • Ability to acquire subject knowledge beyond grade level
    • Better equipped to take on the challenges of Middle School

    Key Differentiators

    • Science and Social Studies (currently underserved by the tutoring centers) are offered
    • Common Core State Standards aligned, standardized instruction material
    • Presentation of instruction material using role play, Drama and music to cater to different learning styles
    • Proprietary Software to document learning using a systematic learning framework
    • Small group coaching (not more than 10 students per class) at a reasonable price

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