We Create,Design and Make it Real

Radi Technology is a well-established software development company which is one of the leading Information Technology providers to clients worldwide.

Radi Technology is located in India and in Canada. Radi Technology is specialized in Application software, Ecommerce, Shopping carts, web site creations and Middle ware technologies etc. In India, Radi Technology is having a dedicated team of skilled IT Professionals ready to provide customized solutions to software development needs with irrespective of the size of company and location.

We are a strong headed Software Solution provider in Chennai


We,Radi promise you to offer the best of services and solutions.Our vision is to identify, develop and improve the right talent. Offer the society direction, in terms of life and career, overflowing with innovation, ingenuity, progress and harmony. Spread the company’s deep rooted philosophies on imagination, optimism, competency and success.

Our Career Competency

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Technology Services
  • Application Development


To build the best product, use business to inspire and help the clients to reach the pinnacle in a simple but best way.